Mission Statement

Fashion is a fascinating universe, it is made of elegance and research, almost intangible and elusive sometimes , yet so deeply connected to specific skills and know-how, which are the required ways through which creativity goes and takes shape. 

These are the "ways" that Maria Maiani turns her attention from years.  45 to be exact, dedicated to activities in the fashion sector, holding positions at prestigious Atelier of high fashion, who formed her deep experience and took her to the foundation of the “Accademia Maria Maiani”, a school that offers full training in fashion design and a laboratory for creative tailors using a method patented by Maiani herself, practical and functional for the development of pattern making.

"Our Academy aims to re-launch the Made in Italy - as emphasizes Ms. Maiani - it remains one of the few areas where our country can still rely on its creativity and its quality"

These are the two inspiring motives of an education rich and varied that corresponds with great interest to the many existing activities within creative-tailoring  in which find space an academic course, several courses with qualifications recognized by the Regione Lazio, vocational training courses, retraining courses and masters.

The school participates in events and competitions, we want to remind the prestigious national award  "Il

manichino d'oro"  (student Marta Montaina in 2013), the award "Fernanda Gattinoni" (student Claudia Stroppaghetti in 2014), the award "Fashion Night" (Anna Nastasi in 2014).

Core Principles

"The value of a school is judged by the preparation that gives you for the business world and the pleasure that get in achieving the goals"  

Specific Levels EQF

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe, promoting workers' and learners' mobility between countries and facilitating their lifelong learning. The EQF aims to relate different countries' national qualifications systems to a common European reference framework. Individuals and employers will be able to use the EQF to better understand and compare the qualifications levels of different countries and different education and training systems.

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